"My kids have been students at XDC for 7 years now. This is our home away from home! We love the fact that everything is comfortable and enjoyable at every level, each child is treated the same regardless of ability! My kids have all 3 teachers and love them ALL! They truly are a FAMILY! I highly recommend XDC to anyone looking for a great dance experience!"

Friends that dance together, stay together!

Create that bond today!


XDC in the community

Xplosion Dance Center provides dance education to children ranging from 2-Adult. We have smaller class sizes to focus on each child's needs, Recreational & Competitive Dance Teams, most of all, we are a family! There is truly something for everyone!

  • Qualified Staff
  • Heated/ac Studio
  • 2 Short recitals in may!
  • free digital download to each family!
  • friendships that last a lifetime!

Who is XDC?

Why XDC?

We facilitate dance classes, performances, Broadway workshops, and community service 
opportunities in an effort to enrich the lives of all citizens of Cohasset and the surrounding communities. 

We are an instructional dance studio that encourages self-expression through dance, music, and positive influences. We believe that dance is an essential part of any thriving community.  We collaborate with other organizations such as 

The Cohasset Rec Center 
in an effort to give students a positive atmosphere to learn and grow in.